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Da Enzo Selfies – May snapshots

published on 16 June 2017 | ,

Da Enzo selfies is our tavern’ social media section: every month we gather the best photos taken by you and posted on Facebook, Instagram and other social network sites.
Here are the best shots of May 2017 : post your photos using hashtag #daenzoal29 and you could be featured in our next month’s Da Enzo selfies column. We’re giving every month to the winner a package of pasta branded Da Enzo, soon available on our website!

A nice shot of our cacio e pepe

and thanks to Deborah for this close-up of our carbonara


Un post condiviso da Deborah Luppino (@piridebby) in data:

Fabrizio is sharing with us a selfie of his table

#dinner #cenaromana #trainingdinner #work #instadinner #stocazzo

Un post condiviso da Fabrizio (@tornfabri) in data:

Just like @matidau

Oooops we did it again!

Un post condiviso da @matidau in data:

We have to say thank you to Donato for his kind message

And thumbs up to Ryan for his light in the Trastevere streets!

Getting a little obsessed with the #architecture here. 😍🇮🇹 #italy #rome #roma #travel #trip #adventure

Un post condiviso da Ryan Kershaw Serle (@ryankserle) in data:

Our two friends take a selfie while they are waiting

E @ironicmonk makes a great video of our backstage!

That’s a great table shot by James!

Answered 🍝prayers! #joandidion via #italy #roma #pranzo

Un post condiviso da James BriscioneBrookeParkhurst (@marriedncooking) in data:

And the best photo of the month is by Lia Simone, with this fantastic shot with Lia and her carbonara

Lia is receiving as a gift a package of pasta Da Enzo, soon available on our webiste!


Come visit us and take part to Da Enzo selfies by posting photos on your social pages ! Hashtag #daenzoal29

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