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Da Enzo Selfies – October Snapshots

published on 28 November 2017 |

Da Enzo selfies is our tavern’ social media section: every month we gather the best photos taken by you and posted on Facebook, Instagram and other social network sites.

This is Noemi! Last month she posted a great picture, so we shipped her a package of pasta “Da Enzo”! This photo here was her way to say thank you, and that that awesome to us!

Thanks to all of you for the photos made in october: every photo was particular and unique. Here we collected some of them!

post your photos using hashtag #daenzoal29 and you could be featured in our next month’s Da Enzo selfies column. We’re giving every month to the winner a package of pasta branded Da Enzo, soon available on our website!.

Super cheesy, Jennifer says 🙂

It's the cheeeeeesiest. Cacio e pepe lunch dreams realized. #Roma #Rome #Italia #Italy

Un post condiviso da Jennifer V. Cole (@jennifervcole) in data:

A great shot of Rita’s carbonara!

We love so much this snapshot by @thepackedlife!

Romin' in Rome! This place is awesome! 3 of everything, per favori! #rome #italy #food #pasta #meatballs #trastavere

Un post condiviso da The Packed Life (@thepackedlife) in data:

Jess era first in the lane and she wanted to testify it! Grazie Jess!

Alyssa enchanting and funny here 🙂

Allegedly it's national pasta day so here's us on film having the most divine cacio e pepe 🌟

Un post condiviso da Alyssa Rara (@badgalrara_) in data:

In this shot by Rachel, carbonara has a great light!

Dish, carbonara and fork. This is it 🙂

Nice perspective shot by Michaela!

And the winner of this month is @rosone, with this great photo of a unique light in via dei Vascellari and of her friends at Da Enzo!

Best moments 〰 Best friends

Un post condiviso da Roser (@rosone) in data:

@rosone is receiving a package of our pasta Da Enzo, soon available on our website!


Come visit us and take part to Da Enzo selfies by posting photos on your social pages ! Hashtag #daenzoal29

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