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Da Enzo Selfies – September snapshots

published on 28 October 2017

Da Enzo selfies is our tavern’ social media section: every month we gather the best photos taken by you and posted on Facebook, Instagram and other social network sites.
Here are the best shots of September: post your photos using hashtag #daenzoal29 and you could be featured in our next month’s Da Enzo selfies column. We’re giving every month to the winner a package of pasta branded Da Enzo, soon available on our website!

Luisa says we cannot understand 🙂

while Damien seems very happy with his cacio e pepe!

Pasta pasta! Thanks Sofia!

Pasta 🍝 pasta ❤️ #italia #ladietadomani #ragazzi

Un post condiviso da sofia (@missofo) in data:

Thanks to Mimmo for this carbonara shot

A nice shot from Antony of our polpette!

Popolette with tomato sauce. Trastevere, Roma.

Un post condiviso da Antony Benetatos (@antony_benetatos) in data:

So nice to see that “the waiting was worth it”! Thank you!

Worth the wait 🍝🍷

Un post condiviso da NATALIE LUCY-WEST (@natalielucywest) in data:

That’s a proper selfie from Cameron!

Our standard meal for the last 10 days 🍕🍝🍷#wheninrome #soogood

Un post condiviso da Cameron Patten (@cameroonp) in data:

Nice selfie together guys!

carbonara club

Un post condiviso da Ramon Luna (@mariahcareyglittertour) in data:

A real nice close-up shot from Sydney

And the winner of this month is Noemi, with this tasty shot of her cacio e pepe!

Noemi is receiving a package of our pasta Da Enzo, soon available on our website!


Come visit us and take part to Da Enzo selfies by posting photos on your social pages ! Hashtag #daenzoal29

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