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Da Enzo Selfies – Summer Snapshots

published on 12 September 2017

Da Enzo selfies is our tavern’ social media section: every month we gather the best photos taken by you and posted on Facebook, Instagram and other social network sites.

Last august we closed the restaurant for a few days of holiday, but during summer you were so many at the trattoria! Thanks for your pictures! Here, we collected the best ones from June, July and August. Post your snaps too, hashtag #daenzoal29: you could be in Da Enzo Selfies next selection! We’re giving every month to the winner a package of pasta branded Da Enzo, soon available on our website!

A snap of our cacio e pepe by @brandosf

Pasta pornography. Please don't report me

Un post condiviso da @brandosf in data:

David appreciated our artichoke 🙂

What do you say about this carbonara snap?

• Da Enzo al 29, Roma • Signora Carbonara #foodbears

Un post condiviso da FoodBears (@food.bears) in data:

Sharlene shares her passion for strawberry mascarpone

Anastasia at the table!

And a shot in Via dei Vascellari!

“Rome as your backdrop” says @himaniamoli

Rome as your backdrop 👌🏼

Un post condiviso da Himani Amoli (@himaniamoli) in data:

“About last night”

Such a nice shot!


Un post condiviso da Michael Diggins (@mikediggins) in data:

“Table for two?”

Table for two?

Un post condiviso da z e c t y L E M O N (@zectylemon) in data:


Light and shodows in Trastevere

Roma, I just can't shake you. This was taken moments before one of the best meals of my life – read more on my blog.

Un post condiviso da Jessica Fradono (@jessicafradonophoto) in data:

A proper crowd selfie!

Simply cacio e pepe

#roma #weekend #pasta #cacioepepe #foodie

Un post condiviso da @la_blouseroumaine in data:

Decision time.

Amatriciana and smiles

Good times💕 #roma#favoriteplace#pastalldayeveryday#italy#vino#summer

Un post condiviso da Kayla (@kayla_kmo) in data:

And the prize for the best snap of the summer goes to Ali, with this funny and cute cacio e pepe picture!

Ali is receiving a package of our pasta Da Enzo, soon available on our website!


Come visit us and take part to Da Enzo selfies by posting photos on your social pages ! Hashtag #daenzoal29

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