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A goal: reevaluating the diversity of local foods

published on 04 October 2017
Eating is not just an action dealing with our sustenance. We don’t really eat just to survive: there are other fields involved in nutrition, such as taste, identity, culture, economy.
In shopping, we can encourage some markets rather than others. It would be beneficial to see the action of the consumers with the human being at the center of it all. I work in the culinary world and I offer to my customers traditional Roman recipes, aiming to cook with local ingredients (foods mainly coming from Lazio and Abruzzo). This very accurate choice leads me in my job and helps me to be coherent; most of all, it puts men and their tradition at the center of it all: our suppliers are mostly small farmers and artisans who realize products bound to the same territories.
Some examples: our olive oil is an extra virgin oil produced near Viterbo from Canino olive trees, a typical tree from Northern Lazio. Our Pecorino is a Roman DOP Pecorino, which means it’s made with milk from farms in Lazio. Our guanciale is seasoned in the Amatrice area, which means it’s IGP certified (exclusive area of production). Our pasta is produced by a small pasta factory, with Italian grains and water from Gran Sasso National Park.
I’ve no presumption to believe that the culinary art I inherited is the best, but I’m proud because I commit myself to preserve it. If everyone does this, no matter where they come from in the world, everyone for the food peculiarities of their own land: then we would be able to protect diversity of traditional foods, against standardization of locations and tastes.
We can push a revolution, by choosing what to bring on the table.

Maria Chiara Di Felice

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