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olio extra vergine

Extra-virgin olive oil

Olive ‘oil […] is one of the things most necessary to man’

Cosimo de Medici, 1428


For millennia a symbol for Italian excellence, olive oil has found lately scientific proof of its exceptional qualities.

For our dishes we use an extra-virgin olive oil made by a small grower whose life is marked by the rhythm of his olive grove.

Being cold-pressed using only mechanical proceduresand the very low average acidity (almost 0,2%) make it extra-virgin. Produced from one cultivar called Caninoin the area of Viterbo, an area known for its olive oil making due to rigid weather and soil humidity that constitute as natural barriers against parasites too. For these reasons, this oil is certified organic.

Fruity and well-balanced initially it leaves a dosed combination of spicy bitterness on the finish. A real concentrate of protective substances for our body.

keep in a cool and dry place

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