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Pasta, meaning Italy. There is no other food that can identify so efficiently , and in some way even unite, the many culinary Italian hearts

M. Montanari, 2011


Universally valued, in the past even used as a relief when famines struck, durum wheat pasta remains an extraordinary vehicle for flavors and a support for individual creativity.

For our pasta we’ve chosen rigatoni made in an old pasta factory from Abruzzi (L’Aquila), ancient land of tradition for pasta makers.

Here, the purest of water, the bronze die and slow drying guarantee a rich, genuine and tasty product. Nevertheless, what makes this pasta a culinary excellence is the knowledge of the pasta makers that control all phases of production, adjusting when necessary. Being a handcrafted product, the yield is not always the same.

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina (contains gluten), water

Weight: 500 g

Keep in a cool and dry space

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