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A Slow Food day with Da Enzo

published on 10 April 2017
slow food day

During the Slow Food Day, On Sunday 9th Da Enzo was open for a charity lunch for Amatrice, the Lazio village hit by the earthquake in 2016. Slow Food planned the event, and our trattoria hosted the lunch to support Amatrice’s local community.

At lunch we cooked amatriciana and Arsoli beans with sausages. The proceeds from the lunch will be entirely destined to buy a van. This van will be used by the farmers from Alta Sabina, severely hit by the earthquake. With the van, they will go and sell their products, just like a shop on wheels which they can use to transport the fruits of their labor. Most of the time, these fruits are pieces of culinary excellence!


slow food day


The amount collected is 1200 euro: it’s going to be 100% donated to the van project, to let the farmers move among markets, fairs and festivals.

This share is a drop into the ocean of resources that the people hit by the earthquake need, but this was also a way to keep in mind the urgency from these sites.


slow food day


Thanks to Slow Food Roma for planning this event and for getting us involved.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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