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Da Enzo selfies – February’s snapshots

published on 10 March 2017

Da Enzo selfies is our tavern’s social media section : every month we gather the best photos taken by you and posted on Facebook, Instagram and other social network sites. Here are February’s best shots : post your photos using hashtag #daenzoal29 and you could be featured in our next month’s Da Enzo selfies column. We’re giving […]

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Start 2017 the right way with the lentils from Onano (we’ll be closed the evening of 31st Dec. and the 1st Jan)

published on 29 December 2016 |
lentils from onano

The lentil, perhaps the longest cultivated legume, is the symbol of wealth and abundance since the time of ancient Rome for some of its characteristics. Its great nutritional value being rich in protein, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B, its shape that resembles a coin, its capacity to sprout, its dimensions that in crease with cooking, […]

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Da Enzo al 29 tavern in osterie d’Italia 2016 guide

published on 06 December 2016 |
osterie d'italia

Hi everyone, 2016 will be a year to remember for our tavern, because among various accolades, for the very first time we’ve been reviewed by the osterie d’Italia published by Slow Food. Certain excerpts of the review have pleased me in particular: «ingredients and products and the cure for traditional Romain recipes. The Roman pride […]

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