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Trans Tiberim (Trastevere)

Trastevere has also another soul, a devoted, spiritual one. Otherwise, where would all the churches come from, its convents, its many houses for the poor, its hospices and hospitals? Ever since the beginnings of Christianity, it was this out of reach land that the first believers used as hiding place when they were persecuted within a babel of languages, in the midst of people that used to reach the end of the month any possible way, between adventurers, pilgrims and women having to use promiscuous ways, a new creed appeared, a creed with its roots in love and forgiveness.

Sandra Petrignani

Discover Trastevere neighborhood, where Da Enzo al 29 is placed.


Basilica di Santa Cecilia (Piazza di Santa Cecilia, 22)

This church was built on the ruins of a Roman house, most likely the one the saint herself lived in. The church has been restored many times thus nowadays it is a mix of archeological beauties belonging to different styles: Romanesque, Baroque, gothic, Byzanthine. There is a subterranean crypt which is worth visiting.


Museo di Santa Maria in Cappella (Vicolo di Santa Maria in cappella, 6)

It is a complex which includes a small church, a museum with a historical overview about the church, a nursing (it was hospital in the past), and a beautiful garden.


La chiesa di San Benedetto in Piscinula (Piazza in Piscinula, 40)

It is a very small and beautiful Medieval church. Its name is due to San Benedetto da Norcia who lived here. It has the smallest bell tower.


Chiesa di Sant’Andrea De Scaphis (Via dei Vascellari, 69)

This beautiful church is located in front of our trattoria. It is very old (it exists since 820). Nowadays it is deconsecrated and it is a gallery of contemporary art.