An ever present host.

When our patrons ask us who Enzo is we show them a photo of his portrait hanging on one of the walls of our trattoria. He, the previous owner, can’t be present for he passed away in the late 80’s and our family bought his trattoria after his passing.

Enzo’s presence is still felt very much; he is in the memory of patrons that hung out in the trattoria when himself ran it. Everybody remembers him fondly and thus we imagine him walking through the tables, playful, boisterous and snarky in times when the trattoria was the best place not only to drink and eat but to meet friends too and socialize. Everybody portrays Enzo, an avid A.S. Roma supporter who used to bet on horse racing, as a kind and generous host. If he’s watching us from above I hope he’s happy with the way his tavern has remained the same as decades ago, basically.